Studio Ensemble (High School)


What is an Ensemble?
An Ensemble is a group of actors who develop work together. They are committed to the whole scene or piece, rather than an individual's performance. They will find the ‘best part for you’ rather than everyone competing for the ‘best part.’

An Ensemble is about the process not the product. We are not trying to sell out a show. We are buying into the process-building a way of working and chemistry as a cast, with material chosen specifically for its members. We will look for the perfect part for each actor, not the perfect actor for the part.

Do I have to audition?
Nope, come as you are. And bring your friends! We can help you work on audition material, but you don’t have to audition for us. You are already in.

What will we do?
Each actor will have (at least) one scene, and one monologue specifically chosen for them. Each week we will dive further into the psychology of the character, and the dynamics of the scene and play.

What material will we work on?
Depends on the Actor, but we will have a mix of comedic and dramatic pieces… we will start with a mixture of classic and contemporary American Realism and authors like Arthur Miller, Neil Simon, Samuel Beckett, Tennessee Williams, Clifford Odetts, August Wilson, and Lillian Helman. Writers like these helped lay the foundations of acting in America, and are perhaps the most accessible. As we continue we may branch off in any direction based on the interests of the Ensemble.

PRICE: $325




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