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Evergreen Players is excited to announce auditions for The Old Man and The Old Moon on June 4th and June 5th! Callbacks are held as needed on June 11th. You can also submit a video audition to [email protected]

Directed by Michal McDowell.

Proof of COVID-19 vaccination is required to audition. Our Production Manager will be checking this on the day of the auditions. Please bring your card or a picture of your card with you. 

Video submissions should be emailed to [email protected]. Please include your name, preferred pronouns, desired role(s), and any scheduling conflicts for June 21 through October 20th in the body of the submission. Proof of vaccination should also be included. Please submit video auditions by June 4th.

The Old Man has kept his post as the sole caretaker of the moon for as long as he (or his wife, the Old Woman) can remember. When she is drawn away by a mysterious melody sparking memories of their shared past, the Old Man must decide between duty (and routine) and love (and adventure). Luckily for audiences everywhere, he chooses the latter, and what follows is an imaginative sea-faring epic, encompassing apocalyptic storms, civil wars, leviathans of the deep, and cantankerous ghosts, as well as the fiercest obstacle of all: change.

The story is influenced by Celtic folklore and British sea shanty – so we would like the characters to sound like they came from that part of the world.  Irish, British, and Scottish dialects are encouraged.

All ethnicities and genders are welcome. 

We are looking for a diverse cast to bring a version of this stage musical to life. We encourage all ethnicities, genders, and abilities to audition for all roles.

For questions regarding the production or auditions, please email [email protected]


ACTOR 1 – Guitar (acoustic) F/M

The Old Man: an old man whose job it is to fill the moon with liquid light.  His journey in pursuit of his missing wife forces him out of his complacent lifestyle.

ACTOR 2 – Guitar (acoustic) F/M

Matheson: the first-mate of the ship and the narrator of the tale.  Matheson loves telling stories so much that he commands the attention of the audience and the respect of his sailors.

Fine Lady: She lives in town.  Has a secret.

ACTOR 3 – Utility (Banjo 2, Guitar (acoustic), Dulcimer, Violin) F/M

Ben: he has a store in town but they’re currently sold out of everything.

Callahan: An ardent sailor.  Never loses a fight.

Rebel 2: Rebel soldier. Trying to start a fight. 

Perry: A legendary hero of the imperial fleet. First Naval Lieutenant Perciles Llewellyn McWallander was thrown overboard by his mutinous crew.  He now spends his days in the belly of a “prison fish”.

Butcher: a butcher in town

ACTOR 4 – Accordion

Mabelu: a sailor who has a good sense of humor and the best intentions.  He lost his precious dog years ago.

Patron: Plays the piano but doesn’t take requests.

Dog: Her name is Lucy.  Mabelu lost her years ago.

ACTOR 5 – Bass (electric)

Boatswain 1: A master boatswain 

Llewellyn: The youngest, somewhat naïve, spirited sailor whom the Old Man mentors and takes on as an apprentice towards the end of his journey.

Ghost Singer: a dead sailor with a penchant for cabaret.

ACTOR 6 – Banjo 1

The Old Woman: an old woman who’s growing tired of her life filling the moon with her husband.  She leaves her home in search of a forgotten memory.

Boatswain 2: a boatswain’s apprentice 

Mickey: The Clerk’s young assistant. 

Captain: a fearless leader and most eloquent speaker

Bartley: a witty aeronautical engineer.  Sibling of Solomon

Young Woman: The Old Woman, a long time ago.

ACTOR 7 – Drums

Fishmonger: sells fish in town 

Clerk: Overwhelmed and unenthused each and everyday at the boat shop.

Cookie: An unhinged cook who is afraid of fire.

Rebel 1: Rebel Captain.  Trying to avoid a fight.

Bartender: Goes by Bill but that’s not his name.

Solomon: A witty aeronautical engineer.  Sibling of Bartley



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